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This is a really good game. I've been a fan of the early versions of SimCity for a long time. I first played it for SNES. I never graduated beyond that game because I found SimCity 2000 and subsequent versions too hard. Maybe I suck at running a city. I just could never get people into town, buildings would stand up and then go to ruins, etc. I couldn't generate revenue and so I couldn't build and lost interest.

Sim City Creator has a game mode where there is no ral objective other than to build the city at your leasure. No missions, no objectives, other than your own. It's the free mode, and there is an option for you to start with $1 million...more than you'll ever need to get a good city started. If you want the easier gameplay of the original SimCity, but with much better graphics and neat things, this game is for you. I play this game in Free mode as I've never been one for doing missions. I want to build what I want at my pace. So I'm doing this write-up from that point of view. Here is my list of Pro's anc Con's.


Graphics - The graphics are nice. Not blow you away great, but nice. 3-d buildings and cars that look pretty real, for a Wii console. Look up a screen shot of SimCity SNES or SimCity 2000 and compare. You'll see why I like them. This is what I'm comparing it too.

Sounds - When you zoom in, you hear the city sounds. Cars, industries buzzing. It's neat.

Building variances- I like this alot. Again, coming from versions where each zone had 4 types of buildings (Low, medium, upper, high) and all of each type looked the same (I.E. all the high's looked the same) SimCity Creator lets you target those types in three categories: low, medium and high density. The buildings within each category can come out very different, so it gives a realitistc natural feel to the city, and not a cookie cutter one. You can build suburbs and single family homes by placing an area of low density residential a distance from major highways and commercial centers. If you place it closer, they'll turn into duplexes and smaller apartments. It's neat.

Menus - The menues are good. Set-up in an easy to use way. Click around them for a bit and before you know it you'll know them.

Creativity- Lot's of creativity allowed. In the past you had just roads. Then Roads or high ways. Now you have small neighborhood type streets, bigger roads, freeways, etc. You can various recreational places, rather than have them awarded to you like in SimCity SNES. You have parks, gardens, baseball fields, etc. The increase landvalueand make the area nicer, keep people happy which in turn attracts new sims. Build a certain ammount of them and you'll unlock bigger parks and sports fields.


Controls - I'm not gonna kill the controls as much as others here have. They aren't THAT bad. But then again, I'm 26 and have been playing video games and first person shooters alot. So what that means is I can aim a cross-hair pretty steady when trying to shoot. The cursor for this game on the Wii is just like that. It's like a wireless mouse. How steady you hold the Wii controller will make the difference of how steady the screen is for you. I can control it rather well because I'm steady and I can aim. It doesn't give me much problems. YOU CAN FREEZE THE FRAME AS WELL. For those saying you can't, or hate it when you want to put the control down and the screen veers off because you're moving the sensor. If you press up on the directional pad until the blue cursor dissapears, it locks the screen. So you can put the control down and relax your wrists/arms. You can't however lock the screen and build. It would have been nice to have that option. So overall, out of 5, I give the controls a 3.

Game Time - When you are going through menus and building things, time freezes. I hate, hate, hate this. This is my one big beef with the game. When you're done building or have built a lot of things, because of the constant going into menus and and what not, you'll be lucky if 2-3 years pass. I finished building everything and had my entire map built up in under 10 years. New York didn't get to what it is in ten years. Time should keep on moving. Also, newer technologies for power plants are only available for later years. So you have to play a long time with coal or Oil power plants until time or education levels allow you to upgrade. If time had gone on while building, you can upgrade sooner. In addition to game time stopping...

Year you start - SimCity SNES started you off in 1900 with all kinds of power plants. Not realistic, but the nuke power plants give no pollution and power more zones. Made the game easier. SimCity 2000 assigned the various technological advances in power plants to their respective decade, but they let you pick the decade you started in. If you wanted nuclear or solar power plants at your disposal, you can start you city in the year 2000 or 2050. This game starts you in 1900 with no options. Piggy Back on what I wrote above, you have to deal with high pollution and old oil/coal power plants for a while. It's more real, yeah. But I'd like the option to start in later years if I want to build the better plants.

Overall: Most of the things about this game I like. My complaints listed in general are minor, with one major beef with the whole time keeping thing. The Controls aren't so difficult to handle that they took away from the fun of the game. Call me boring but I get a big kick out of watching 3d renderings of a city build up that I desgined and I was able to do it easy enough so the controls weren't all that bad. I highly reccommend the turorial that is in the game. Take 10 minutes practicing the controls and you'll pick them right up.

This is fun game, if you're not looking for hugely complicated city management issues and just would like to see a city you build spring up. If you do want a little more challange, you can do the mission mode of the game where you build a city with benchmarks, I.E. you have to do certain things to advance in the missions and city growth (Like make business deals with neighboring cities, etc.)

I wouldn't reccommend this for younger kids. Unless they are nerds, they aren't going to have the patience or know how to build a city and won't appreciate what they've done when they do. It's very much a game that is fun in the feat, not by graphics or role playing, etc. Most kids that would like this kind of game I'd say are over 10, 11 years old.

I started the game last night, in free mode, and in the Cheat money category that starts you off with $1 million. When I was done building everything, I ran my account down to about $50k. I pressed play on the game clock and let the game run. People came, My city grew, revenue started coming in. One day later, I have 470,000 Sims, my residentail taxes down to 1%, Commercial and Industrial at 2%, and my account is over $2 million. This is a guy that never played beyond SimCity SNES because SimCity 2000 and beyond were too hard for me. What's my point? This game is a cinch to play, and thus enjoy. Now that it's built, I manage disasters, re-arrange zones when new things become available like museums, etc. Good times.
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  • Construct amazing cities with a wide variety of choices. Create a New York-style metropolis, a romantic European city, an exotic Asian paradise, a futuristic Cyberscape or combine them to make something truly unique.
  • Lay waste to your city with a variety of epic disasters, including earthquakes, meteors, and giant monsters. Prepare for and handle unexpected crises.
  • Create your city with your Wii remote, using it to draw curvy roads, shape the layout out your neighborhoods, and place landmarks of your choice.
  • Hire assistants who help you run your city and can build new neighborhoods based on their unique personalities.
  • When you feel like getting a closer look, get into a helicopter or airplane and fly through your city and check out all the details of your creation.

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